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What is my Spirit Animal?

This question is often asked of me, so I would like to explain it here.

What exactly is a spirit animal?


A spirit animal, also known by some as a soul animal, is a companion on a spiritual level. It often appears in difficult life situations to support us and can provide us with strength and guidance in everyday life.


The concept of the spirit animal comes from indigenous cultures with shamanic traditions, such as those in Siberia, South and North America, as well as the Arctic. These are helper and protective spirits that can be seen in the form of animal shapes.

How do I find my spirit animal?

The spirit animal that accompanies you is already by your side; it has already found you. However, for many people, it is often difficult to connect with the spiritual world without practice or training to encounter their spirit animal there. It can be helpful to engage in introspection, use meditation, or work with your dreams. It is also possible to seek support in finding your spirit animal and get help from a shamanic practitioner or a medium. However, you should always carefully and conscientiously choose whom to consult.


I would personally advise against "online tests" that are offered on the internet.


My personal spirit animal had been accompanying me long before I came into contact with the term itself. Even as a child, I felt particularly drawn to this animal, and when I was in a severe life crisis, it appeared to me one night in a dream to accompany me for a while. The next morning, I felt how much strength this encounter had given me. Even when I later began to consciously work in the spiritual world, I encountered it again and again.


Can a person have multiple spirit animals?


Yes, definitely. I even believe that most people are accompanied by several animals. These can change over the course of our lives and our life situations. In my experience, however, there will always be one companion who is always by our side. Some people also say that this one animal is the actual "spirit animal" and the animals that appear in certain phases of our lives are "helper animals."

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