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~ Connecting to nature and the divine ~

Jungle Soul Drums 

Born in the heart of the jungle, infused with intention and love, guided by the sound of the river.

A custom creation just for you, with your spirit animal, plant or symbol.

Connecting to the heart beat of the earth.

Created with Intention and prayers, recharged with the magical strength of the Peruvian rain forest.


"And the river sings my song

Takes me wide wide wide


And the drum beat calls my soul

Guides me in the darkest night 


Prayers to the heaven's 

Guiding me this way 

In gratefulness I live

To be serving till the end of my day's"

- Mari Gold


Investment:  555,- Euro

(Includes painted drum, mallet, shipping worldwide)


Payment in 2 rates possible


Get on the waiting list!

Spaces available for: April

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