~ Connecting to nature and the divine ~

Spirit Animal-, and Soul Portraits

It has become the mission of my heart to help people reconnect to nature and the spirit world through my artwork.


The personalized paintings aim to make the special connection each person has with their unseen helpers and guides more visible. 

They are powerful reminders of our own inner strength and wisdom and can give us courage and faith for our everyday challenges. 

For some people the painting might also serve as a visible memory of a dream journey or vision.


These unique artworks can include a portrait of oneself (if desired) combined with spirit animals, certain plants, stones or even certain symbols that have a special meaning for you.

I also offer portraits of only your spirit animal /- plant)

Spirit Animal Art, Spirit Animal Owl, Spiritual Art, Shamanic Art, Shamanism
Soul Painting, Soul Portrait, Spiritual Art, Shamanic Art, Shamanism

How does it work?

To begin with, we will have a little interview together, either in person or via video chat/phone.

It is important for me to know what is important to you. So I wanna take the time to talk to you a little and find out more about you and simply just feel what there is.

If you are coming for an Interview at my Studio I will take some photos of you (your face) to use later on as a reference when I am painting. If we can not meet in person, you can simply just sent me some photos of yourself which I can use for painting the portrait.

Once I have all the necessary information, the magic can happen…


What if I don’t know my Spirit Animal?

Knowing your spirit guide is not a necessity. 

If there is any animal/- or plant that you feel a strong or special connection to I can create a painting for you.


Important to me is to create something that gives you strength and joy in your daily life and which reminds you, that you are always guided and protected.

I also love to paint intuitive portraits with the animals (and possible plants) that I see/feel around you.

Plant Portrait

As many of us have not only a special connection to spirit animals but also to certain plants, I am also offering to paint a portrait with the plant (and possibly plant spirit) that you have a special connection too.




PRICES + Details (Payments in BTC and ETH also accepted)



(1 character, animal or plant, possibly combined with symbols)


Size: 40 cm x 50 cm (15.7 x19.7 inch) or 50 cm x 60 cm (19.7 x 23.6 inch)


Materials: Acrylic on Canvas or high quality “Hahnemühle” Paper   


Price: 450,- Euro (incl. shipping + materials)




(can include 3 different characters f.ex. person + animal + plant or person + 2 animals )


Size:  ca. 70cm x 80cm  (27.6 x 31.5 inch) or 50 cm x 60 cm (19.7 x 23.6 inch)


Material: Acrylic on Canvas


Price: 660,- Euro (incl. shipping + materials)



PREMIUM (All in)

(can include open number of different characters f.ex. person, animals, plants, crystals, symbols)


Size:  ca.  120cm x 80cm (47,2 x 31.5 inch) or 70cm x 80cm  (27.6 x 31.5 inch)


Material: Acrylic on Canvas


Price: 990,- Euro (incl. shipping + materials)



Other commissions are possible, please just message me so we can work something out. 



Must like my style. (I am sorry, but I don't paint standard family portraits, fruit bowls or sunflower vases etc., technically seen I could but I feel it is not what I am here for to do right now.)