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~ Connecting to nature and the divine ~

Just like painting music started to come back into my life during a time of deep inner work with medicinal plants. It started when one day for the first time I played a drum. I just listened to its beat when suddenly I started hearing melodies as if sent from above.

I couldn't resist but sing.

From that moment on music is with me. All the time. It is everywhere and it is beautiful.

In the following I share with you a few things that I have recorded intuitively and hope it will bring you calm and joy.

Enjoy this "Sound Ceremony" I intuitively recorded for all of us.


Trying out my "Shruti Box" when I had just received it.


One of the first things I recorded when trying out my newly received "Tamburina" (small Monochord). This instrument is truly amazing and can even be played on the body of a person. 


One of the beautiful melodies I heard while being in the forest, I tried to capture it to share it with you.


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